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What is Cell Com?

The English acronym  Cell Com stands for the term cell communication.

Primary Cilium As Cellular 'GPS System' Crucial To Wound Repair
ScienceDaily (Dec. 25, 2008)
— The primary cilium, the solitary, antenna-like structure that studs the outer surfaces of virtually all human cells, orient cells to move in the right direction and at the speed needed to heal wounds, much like a Global Positioning System helps ships navigate to their destinations.

Cell Com System test

This approach for this medical treatment method is the human cell, the smallest unit of our living organism.

The human body has 80 trillion cells in which core, the genes are located. The genes are the carriers of all human genetic information - the so-called "genetic code". The medical research, such as physics and the scientific Biokybernetik have found that human cells communicate among themselves and with each other in an information network. More than that: cells possess energy. They are - each for themselves - small energy plants.

The biophysical medicine is based on quantum physics (Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg) assumes that the matter of our body, is an electromagnetic energy field. This longtime ago confirmed basic scientifically therory is based, is based on the recognition of the Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein, that matter is convertible into energy - and vice versa.

Einstein's famous formula of the World equivalence of mass and energy,

E = m c ²

means nothing other than the permanent physical transformation of matter into invisible energy. Put simply:

Matter is energy, man is energy.

The Swiss-American physics Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli has demonstrated that the human organism - in the visible and material sense - not only embodies matter, but also is an lively frequency vibration field.

For Professor Pauli frequencies and vibrations are synonymous with carriers (or multipliers) of information. Are you thinking of just your mobile phone. The mobile phone is connected to any landline and yet capable of using frequencies, the world's information.
We owe the Nobel laureate physicist and quantum Pauli therefore the ingenious short formula:

Vibration = Information
Energy Information =
Energy = Matter
Matter = information.

If we look at this logical reasoning of modern quantum and Biophysics transferred on to the human body, proves nothing other than the correctness of the thesis that the human cells is an energy and information carrier.

This knowledge is also the basis of the Cell Com method, the theory and practice of cellular communication.

The human organism is therefore not only material matter (organs, muscles, tissues, blood), but also an electromagnetic energy and frequency field. If the energy equivalent of matter and energy are equivalent to information, it's logical that every organ function of the human body is inextricably linked to information. Each correct organ function is due to correct information.

Imagine your body, like a business. A company only works with organization and information.

In other words: Behind every physical condition, stands organization and information.

Any change in a physical condition (for example, the state of an illness), is therefore always the transformation, (conversion) or change in the information provided.

The modern biophysics and energy medicine therefore assume that it is possible to stabilize the energy budget or energy organization of the human body and its organs - in case of illness - with positive change.

This is the basis of the Cell Com method.

Is Cell Com an alternative to conventional Western medicine? No it is not, Cell Com should be seen as a support to the modern medicine, as a complementary method.

The scientific school of western medicine is characterized by their outstanding achievements in their fields, an their three key pillars:

- Diagnostic
- Surgery
- The pharmacy.

The fact that the people of Western civilization are getting older, is thanks to the social progress, especially of classical medicine, hygiene and medical inventions of the chemical industry.

The problem of modern Western medicine lies in the fact that they over the centuries have been thinking of the biochemical view of life and therefore been devoted almost exclusively to the understanding of the functions of the organism concentrated biochemical material. The scientific revolution of the 20th Century, driven by Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and modern physics, however, make it imperative that the medicine of our time should be supplementet with the many findings of the energy and quantum physics.

The realization that our body's own cells, are energy and information carriers, and in a nutshell bears the core and the message of our new era in itself.

We live in the 21st Century, in the new era of the Information Age, in the synonym is the computer. The heart of every digital computer are the notoriously hard disk and memory. The operating system, the work programs and all personal information is stored in special secure files to protect gainst foreign attackers and virus's.

Every computer user knows that his computer must be continuously maintained. Unnecessary files or e-mails are disposed of and old information will be adjusted, the security system will be renewed, the hard drive defragmented, and - in extreme cases - even completely re-formatted to get the computer back to its full power.

Under these principales the Com-cell method is working too. The princip of Cell Com is based on the regulation, control and optimize of the bio-electric cell communication. Compare your body and organism with a computer's operating system, which must be  continually maintained and cleaned.

With the help of a small cell-Com unit the human body performs a "bio-scan" - comparable to the system scan in the computer performed by an anti-virus program. The Scanning is supplementet with a process of analysis and regulation of the body's own information program.

Put simply: Cell Com cleans the "harddrive" of your body and regulates your body and your cells. Imagine your physical body as an informal network, as a matrix of cells, tissues, genes, nerves, organs, hormones, blood and lymph, which is surrounded by 70% water. This network is not only inextricably linked, but is also in a constant state of energetic tension.

In this electromagnetic field the Cell Com regulates - therapeutic, prophylactic and regenerative. Since the Cell Com unit is not making any electricity or is giving the body any chemical substances,  it can be used safely and is therefor a optimal therapeutic method:

- Cell Com is pain-free
- Cell Com has no side effects.

How can this work?

The answer as mentioned above is provided through the modern quantum physics and energy.

And acupuncture.

The approximately 6,000 years old treatment method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is today both by the UN World Health Organization (WHO), as well as by modern medicine seen as an complementary, (complementary) healing method officially recognized and legitimized. The method of acupuncture (and acupressure), has as an scientific Natural Medicine brought substantial evidence of Bio-Physics and Bio-Cybernetics made ahead without in the terms of modern science being able to explain them.

Cell Com is the combination of energy and quantum physics with the method of acupuncture. Cell Com combines traditional Chinese and European science.

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The Second Chance (DIGITAL)
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